Marine Insurance

When cargo is in transit, it is exposed to various risks during Rail/ Road/ Sea/ Air transit. Due to operation of one or more perils there may be claim under a Marine Policy.
The nature of various claims can be put under following:
•Non- delivery
The liability under Marine Cargo Policy can be ascertained b analyzing the cause of loss and correlating the same with the scope of cover under the relevant policy.Due to operation of any peril the consignment can be totally lost (e.g. non-delivery of entire consignment, consignment totally damaged b water etc.Sometimes the consignment is lost/ damaged but in a manner that the cost of its retrieval is more than the value of cargo. So total loss can be either Actual total loss or constructive total loss. The consignment may be partially damaged – it is known as Particular average
We have Marine Policy of any cargo under Import or Export Consignment